HoribbLe MoNth

March is Horrible month for me..
Even this Month is my birthday but have many bad thing happen..
this not happen just once but every years..
because of that I am very scare when March is coming over😟
I don't know why, this happen to me (maybe I only feel it)..😑
But this really happen and when I tell anyone..
they do not believe me and said that "that's only your imagination and your feeling.."
I don't know what to say but this year also happen..
something that I think it is bad and very sad to me..
But it's already happen and I accept it..😞
right now, I do not tell anyone personally but just writing in my blog..

I am so sorry March because I hate you and want you past quickly..
I am very sad and many sad memories I need to face it until now..
I am become so down and useless..
I hope this happen to me only..

O Almighty, i hope you will give me fortitude and patience to face all of your tests with full of my heart..
Amiin Ya Robbal Alamin..

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